Borrowing Books

How many items can I borrow? 

  • You can borrow up to 6 items at a time.

How long can I borrow them for? 

  • You can borrow books for up to 2 weeks. If you still need them after this time, you can renew for a further 2 weeks, if no one else has requested the book. 
  • You are allowed two renewals – if you need to renew for longer, you will have to bring the book into the Library with you.
  • If someone has requested the book, you won’t be able to renew it and will have to return it by the due date. 

How do I renew my library books?

  • To renew your library books go to My Account on SmartSearch, select Checked out Titles and renew from there.
  • Alternatively, contact the library 01416304579 or email

Are there fines if I return an item late?

  • There are no fines for late returns, however if you do not return the late item after 3 reminders, you will be sent a bill for the cost of a replacement and your college account may be suspended.

Can I return my books to the Library at any campus?

  • Yes, we will make sure books are reallocated to the right campus after you return them.

Can I borrow a book from another campus? 

  • If there’s a book you want to borrow that is only available at another campus you can request which campus you want to pick it up from using SmartSearch.
  • Alternatively, speak to the Library staff and we will request it to be sent over. We will email you once the book is ready for collection.

Library computers, printers and photocopiers

Can I borrow a laptop or Chromebook?

  • Yes, you can if we have available devices.  Please ensure that you have uploaded a suitable photo to your Digital Student ID Card.  This is can  be found on MyKelvin.  Your ID card is also your Library card Welcome » Glasgow Kelvin College
  • Please also complete an online Loan Agreement/Device Loan Form and remember to read it so you know the terms you are agreeing too. 

Do I need to book a computer / PC study space?

  • No: there is no need to book computers or PCs in campus libraries.
  • Although during busy times we might have to bring back a booking system, check MyKelvin for updates. 
  • Lapsafe is available in Easterhouse, West and Springburn campus and will give access between 8am-5pm, Monday to Friday to chromebooks on campus only.   Just remember to have yout Digital Student ID Card uploaded and you will be able to access the cabinets.

Can I access the full version of Office, CAD or Adobe Illustrator from a College Chromebook? 

  • Yes, but it must be organised through ICT by your lecturer first. You will then be able to access using Splashtop software
  • Please see information on how to connect  to Splashtop from the IT Help page on MyKelvin.

How do I print a document?

  • Please see the user guide to printing for the first time here.

How do I use the photocopier?

  • Please see the user guide to photocopying here.

Can I scan documents straight to my email? 

  • Yes, please see the user guide to scanning here.

Why hasn't the PC printed my document?

  • Please contact a member of the Library team who will try to remedy the fault. It may be that the printer requires paper, toner or that there is some other issue.

The photocopier is not working, or a red light is flashing.

  • Please contact a member of the Library team who will try to remedy the fault. It may be that the copier requires paper, toner or that there is some other issue.

Can I print out a book? 

  • Individual eBook publishers will set restrictions on their books to prevent excessive printing. You may only be able to print a limited number of pages or chapters rather than the whole book. 
  • You will usually encounter a popup message when you send something to print if you have exceeded this limit.

Please also be aware that printing on campus is limited to a maximum of 20 pages at a time, even if some publishers allow you to print more than that.